About the Author


Nestled in Oregon’s capital city, Bridget Good and her husband, Forrest, have three amazing children and a Labrador mix named Bear. When Bridget is not spending time with her family, she’s likely buried in her writing projects. She also enjoys rockhounding, studying herbalism, and she is passionate about earthquake preparedness. To her, earthquakes are some of the greatest ghost stories ever told—suddenly everywhere around us at once, unseen but for the destruction they cause.

Over the past six years, Bridget has served as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer in Salem, Oregon. Focusing her efforts on educational outreach, she enjoys organizing community presentations and local school events. She also manages the city’s CERT Salem Facebook page and hosts the website, SurvivingCascadia.com. Bridget hopes All That Crumbles will inspire you to get 2-Weeks-Ready.

There is a ghost on our horizon.