All That Crumbles

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A megathrust earthquake rips through the Pacific Northwest, destroying Brooke Halliwell’s home. Her intended haven becomes a nightmare when she finds her best friend’s lifeless body trapped beneath an oak entertainment center. Panicked, Brooke searches for the friend’s three-year-old daughter, Maddie, and finds the toddler crying in a snow-covered grove. Brooke scoops Maddie up.

In the ruined city, Brooke’s neighbors have joined other refugees in search of a shelter. After several days on their own, Brooke realizes she and Maddie will starve without help. They move through the waste and death-filled streets, managing to catch a break when Brooke’s love interest lies to get her and Maddie into a shelter.

But windstorms thrash, and desperation plagues the city. Some will do anything for food and water. Even if it means holding a toddler hostage.

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